"Light is right" 


The lightest Paramotor on the market at 20.7Kg with Electric Start - 80kg of Thrust


Picking the right gear is imperative, whist being an Instructor at aviator ppg in 2016 training 106 Students we found that the most important aspect of the training was the weight of the gear !! We proved this FACT and have all these students that will attest to it. Please come and try one on- you will love it.

Paramotor Options- Please email me for Prices and options.

Air Conception NXL:

150cm Carbon Prop

Large 165cm Frame

150cm prop

80kg thrust.

Ultra Economy.

Linear Throttle.

Lower Noise.

Lower RPM.

Air Conception NiTRO 200:

NiTRO 200. Titanium Race Frame

NiTRO ES. Titanium Race Frame

72-75kg & 80kg thrust. Good economy. Excellent power. Linear Throttle.

belt drive, pull start. 16mm Titanium frame. 19.4kg

belt drive, Electric start. 16mm Titanium frame. 20.5kg


NiTRO ES.Clutch Titanium Race Frame

belt drive, Electric start & Clutch. 16mm Titanium frame. Weight 20.8kg

Add a frame bag, prop covers and reserve pocket

Padded Compartmentalized Frame Bag, Padded Air Conception Prop Covers plus the Sup’Air reserve chute zip on pocket that fits left or right

NXL Nitro ES. Titanium Race Frame

belt drive, Electric start. 165cm 16mm Titanium frame. 20.7kg

150cm Eco e-prop giving 80kg thrust, extreme economy plus lower noise.


The motor has been proven as one of the most reliable motors to date