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About us and Training

Make your flying dreams come true and learn to fly a Paramotor in South Africa
Hi my name is Basjan ( Sebastian)

I love flying, I remember as a kid dreaming of running into the sky and now I am. My passion is to help other people experience the magic of Paramotoring. I have been flying for many years and have experience in SIV. My last year was spent as a Paramotor Instructor in Florida USA. I helped train 106 Students where most of them got at least 15 flights. I worked with the awesome guys from Aviator PPG sharing the tears of JOY from our Students, I received my USPPA Instructor's Licence from the PPG Guru himself - Eric Dufour(Google him if your new to the game :)


Our students will receive only the best training with your safety always our number one concern. The newest instruction techniques learned from the USA. You will receive training in all the syllabus required by the USPPA OR SAPHA. 5 CLASSES will be given to you when the weather is too poor for Kiting or Flying. 1 static Simulator class and many full power simulator classes with Emergency procedures.

All your training will be done on our school gear. This will leave you free to decide for yourself if you like it or not without the stress of buying gear upfront. Only the best and lightweight motor from air conception - the nitro 200 will be used as this will dramatically improve your success rate. why? because the motor weighs only 20.7kg, We only use the world renowned wings from ozone and with their new shark nose technologie, first time inflation's will be a breeze.

We have mobile training simulators and equipment. If your location is suitable for training travelling to your destination can be arranged.

It is a legal requirement in South Africa to have an air band radio whilst flying a paramotor. I have a Restricted air band radio Instructors Licence and also include the Radio Licence Fee for my students into the course syllabus.

Training fee is R23 000.

ALL Training done under Blue Gravity DTO

Declared Training Organisation – SACAA DTO001






We can train you anywhere in South africa

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